War of 1812

The War of 1812 is obviously a crucial part of Niagara's history.  While touring the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa a few weeks ago, I noticed that the Museum barely mentioned any Niagara battles and its exhibit consists mainly of Brock's tunic.  When I questioned the Museum's historian, I got the following response:

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your experience at the Canadian War Museum. You are indeed correct. Limits of space and lack of artifacts unfortunately kept us from including Lundy's Lane and Fort Erie components in our 1812 display. Our exhibition contains some very fine objects, like Isaac Brock's tunic and the model of HMS St. Lawrence, but it provides visitors with a general overview of the war, rather than a campaign by campaign narrative.

and when I asked if they had any exhibits about Fort Erie and the Battle of Lundy's lane that are not currently on display (in storage), the response was:

Unfortunately no. Our temporary 1812 exhibition contained the sword carried by Major Duncan McCall of the 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia at Lundy's Lane, which we borrowed from Fort York and the City of Toronto, and photos of paintings of the siege of Fort Erie and Battle of Lundy's Lane, but if we had material from either battle in our collections it would be on display.

I would work local museums to provide the national museum with the artifacts and exhibits to highlight Niagara's place in history.


Fort Erie Welcome Centre

I was dismayed to learn that Fort Erie's Welcome Centre was removed from service.  It is not surprising that few made use of it since the sign indicating its presence was poorly placed.  Only once you passed its exit did you realize that it was there. I want the Welcome Centre operation reinstated and I want a sign for it located well in advance of its exit.