As I am a member of ACCCC, which is a founding member of the Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario, I have been trying to meet Niagara-area MPPs to discuss SVAO issues. Kim Craitor, always quick to respond to his constituents, met with us back in 2011. However, since the 2011 Provincial Election, I have been trying to meet with local candidates and then MPPs about the problems facing the specialty vehicle community. Tim Hudak (MPP - Niagara West & Glanbrook) has never acknowledged our requests to meet and an assistant to Jim Bradley (MPP - St Catharines) last told me that he'll let Mr Bradley know but I'm still waiting and not holding my breath.  I think they may have forgotten why they were elected to office, IMHO.

Cindy Forster was the only one of the current Niagara-area MPPs to get back to me promptly.  After my November 11 email to all Niagara-area MPPs, Ms Forster's assistant replied to me on the same day.  We were able to arrange a very productive meeting on November 29.  We discussed both our desire to have the 20-year rolling e-test exemption reinstated as well as SVAO's concerns with Bill 203 (Anti Street Racing Legislation).

We tabled the following documents:

As SVAO has had very little success with obtaining motor vehicle data from the MTO, we asked Cindy to ask them to provide us with data such as how many miles/km are actually diriven in Ontario by vehicles older than 20 years.

Meeting with Cindy Forster, MPP for Welland & Port Colborne

Jody Sadler (President of ACCCC - Rainbow Region), Cindy Forster (MPP for Welland & Port Colborne) and Frank Raso (VP of ACCCC - Rainbow Region)

[Since Jody lives in Tim Hudak's riding and is fighting the West Lincoln Wind Project, we discussed Green Energy as well.  Tim Hudak has never acknowledged Jody's requests to discuss this issue.]