On November 24, 2013, Barry Porter, Environmental Project Manager for the Niagara Restoration Council, came by with a volunteer tree planting crew from Niagara College to plant 239 trees.


Tree Planting Crew

Planting the first trees.


My Dad.

My 76 year-old father got in on the action.  Notice he's carrying 2 trees!
The trees in the big (15 gallon) pots in the foreground are the Kentucky Coffee Trees.


Frank Raso planting a red maple.

Me planting a Red Maple.


Barry Porter planting a red maple.

Barry Porter of the Niagara Restoration Council planting a Red Maple.


Tree Planting Break

The volunteers taking a break from tree planting.  Real troopers I might add!


Frank Raso driving a tractor.

Me returning from dropping off a load of trees.


Planting Kentucky Coffee Trees 

Planting Kentucky Coffee Trees.  It was fun getting the very heavy trees out of the frozen 15 gallon pots.