I originally created this web site in 2013 to help me run as a candidate in the Niagara Falls provincial by-election.  After the 2014 provincial general election, I placed my political ambitions on hold for the time-being. However, the specific issues that motivated me to become politically active are still:

  • The resistance of the provincial government to recognizing anhydrous ammonia as an alternative fuel and the bureaucracy's discrimination of the alternative fuel project I have been working on for several years.
  • My concern that the costs of implementing the Green Energy Act are adversely affecting Ontario businesses and consumers.
  • The lack of regard shown by wind project developers and the Ministry of Energy to the communities in which these projects are located.
  • The removal of Slots from the Fort Erie Race Track and the lack of long term provincial government plan for jobs in the Town of Fort Erie.
  • The government's persecution of the specialty vehicle community with its elimination of the rolling 20-year vehicle emission test exemption and the poorly-written legislation such as the anti-street racing amendment to the Highway Traffic Act (Bill 203).

I have been extremely passionate about ensuring the long-term success of the Fort Erie Race Track and will continue to work towards its long-term survival.  Even though I personally feel that the government dependence on gambling revenue is poor social policy, I believe that if SOME race tracks have Slots then ALL race tracks should have Slots.  I have been asked by the Town of Fort Erie to investigate the viability of Fort Erie Equestrian Trail Master Plan.

This web site will be used to advocate for issues about which I am passionate.  Over the coming year, I'll be continuing to work on the following: