I've lived in the Niagara Region all of my life.  When I was small, I lived in Ridgeway but moved to Welland where I spent my teen-age years.

I graduated from Notre Dame and went on get a BASc in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1987.  After graduation, I worked at the following businesses:

  • WP London & Associates (Niagara Falls)
  • London-Monenco (St Catharines)
  • Gryphon International (St Catharines)
  • QUNO / Abitibi (Thorold)
  • Thermal Ceramics (Burlington)
  • Vesuvius (Buffalo, NY)
  • Raso Enterprises (Stevensville)

I got married in 1993 and have twins now attending university.  My son is studying environmental science at Carleton University and my daughter is studying nursing a Queen's University.  My beautiful wife is an employee of the Niagara Health System, which means that the NHS is a very personal interest for me.

I have always had an interest in all things mechanical and especially cars.  From my summer job at General Motors in St Catharines (Engine Plant & Foundry), I was able to save up and buy my first car (1965 Plymouth Barracuda), which I still have today.  After finishing school, I joined the Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada and was one of Rainbow Region's founding members in 1988.  After settling down in Stevensville in 1993, I eventually joined the Rods & Relics Car Club in 2007 and subsequently because its car show chairman in 2008.  Since 2012, I now also run the classic car show at the Fort Erie Friendship Festival.

My interest in alternative fuels started in university with a 3rd-year Internal Combustion Engine course.  My prof was a fuels researcher for the National Research Council and I admired the work he did.  After university, I converted one of my first cars to propane (a 1978 New Yorker) and eventually became a dealer for Technocarb Equipment.  While watching the news back in 2007, I learned about anhydrous ammonia as an alternative fuel (November 6, 2006) and eventually became the chief scientist for Hydrofuel Inc.  My latest project with Hydrofuel Inc is the design of a prototype diesel-NH3 fuel system for heavy duty vehicles.  Hydrofuel has partnered with UOIT to commercialize its ammonia technology.